Is it legal to ride VOMO in my country? 

US State laws vary. Some state laws approve the use of electric scooters in bike lanes of general road traffic and some do not. To the best of our knowledge e-scooters are street legal in California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Virginia and Washington, with many other states expected to follow suit. All countries have their own rules on light electric vehicles so it’s best to consult with your local transportation authority.


What is the range? 

This depends on many factors such as riding style. rider weight, terrain and conditions. As a general guide our "VOMO" 8.8A model is capable of a range of 15miles plus and our "VOMO PLUS" 11.6A model can do 20miles plus. 


Does it come with a warranty?

We are offering a one (1) year warranty on all parts for "non normal wear". This means any defective parts we will replace within the 1st year. 


How does shipping work? 

We send all deliveries out from our distribution hub in Hong Kong. We use various carriers depending on what country you are based in and we will contact you by email with tracking number details so you can track the progress of your delivery.

After payment is received your order will be prepared and then sent out within 7 days. Depending on the country you are in it will take about 7-14 days after we send out your order for it to get to you.   


Do I have to pay import duty or fees?

Import duty or VAT may need to be paid if your country requires it. VAT or import duty will need to be paid before final delivery, in most cases if there is duty to be paid the delivery company will contact you and they will have the ability to accept payment either online, by phone or with the delivery driver directly. 


What is the load capacity? 

Maximum recommended load capacity for VOMO is 120kg.


Can I change the speed limit from 20mph on VOMO?

Yes, you can change the speed limit and have it 'unlimited'. The limit will then be dependent on terrain and rider.


Do you offer a local pick up service?

Unfortunately we are not offering a local pickup option at this time. In future we hope to have a base in USA and Europe that allows local pick up. 


Can I buy from any dealers?

At the moment we only sell direct. We are looking to take on local dealers in the future. If you are a dealership that would like to stock our products we would love to hear from you.


Can I change the battery myself?

Yes, it is a simple process of unscrewing the top plate on the scooter and unplugging. 


How can you keep the price of VOMO so low?

From the outset it has been our mission to provide our products at the best price we can without compromising on quality. We have been working closely with our suppliers for a long time so that we are able to manufacture our scooter at the lowest price we can and sell directly to you. These savings are then passed onto you.


How can I contact you? 

You can email us at hello@veetron.com


What is the minimum and maximum rider height? 

There are no absolute minimums or maximums, the handlebars can be set at from 110cm to 120cm off ground level and we have had riders comfortably ride VOMO that range in height from 4'11" to 6'5". 


Is VOMO fully assembled when delivered?

Absolutely. Simply unpack and it's ready to go. When your VOMO arrives the battery will not be fully charged. Please make sure you read and follow the user guide before using for the first time.


Is VOMO waterproof? 

The scooter is water resistant (splash proof) not waterproof and not to be submerged under water at all. With that being said, we do recommend to avoid riding in the rain or wet conditions for safety reasons. Always wipe off water afterwards and keep it dry to preserve the scooters life. 


If the battery runs out can I kick the scooter along?

Yes absolutely. VOMO is designed to be kicked along just like any other kick scooter with the electrics either turned on or off.


What is the difference between VOMO and VOMO PLUS?

The two versions have different battery sizes, "VOMO 8.8A" and "VOMO PLUS 11.6A". The 11.6A (VOMO PLUS) Battery offers a higher capacity and longer range.


Can I use the battery charger in my country, what is the voltage? 

Yes! Our chargers work with voltages from 100V to 240V. We will also be sending you a plug extension that works for your country plug socket.  


How do I fix a flat tire? 

VOMO comes with durable tubeless inflatable tires and the same puncture repair kits that can be used on cycle tires can be used on VOMO. 




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